Decanters: Old School Charm

If you have the room, why not step up your entertaining game and add a beautiful bar to your kitchen or dining room. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than several cut glass decanters grouped together. Add a silver tray to enhance the light reflection for an elegant flare.


Not just for alcohol, I use glass carafes and decanters to beautifully store water, juice and other cold beverages.  You can change out your plastic mouthwash bottle for a decanter or fill one with bubble bath to spruce up your bathroom vanity.

decanter for bar
decanter jo malone

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The Importance of Corners


People tend to forget about corners when decorating. Don’t underestimate the importance of them - a properly decorated corner will balance your room and take your space to the next level.

An Etagere is a nice way to fill the empty space of a corner. Be careful not to clutter it with too many items or you will confuse your eye and miss out on a clear visual of the whole room.

The simplest solution is plants. We use ferns all around the store to balance and soften the corners. You may not have noticed them - but they are in every window and most corners of our displays. Plants not only add color and texture, but are soothing to the eye as well. 

Pick up a nice floor plant or use a plant stand to make your corner bright and lively and see for yourself the difference it makes. If you can’t find a plant stand, think out of the box and use large glass vases to hold your plants like the ones we have here in this photo. 

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A Touch of Modern

How many times per week do you walk by The Stock Exchange here in Manchester-by-the-Sea?  You must notice our frequent window changes. Which is your favorite? 


Why not spruce up your space with a pair of green zebra chairs? A touch of modern works with any decor.  Paired with this Lynn Chase framed scarf and you have the beginnings to a great room for Spring!

zebra chairs modern furniture
Lynn Chase framed scarf